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These words guide the Walking  4  Warriors vision which is to provide opportunities for people to participate in outdoor activities where they challenge themselves to push beyond what many perceive as normal limitations. In doing so opening up the potential for physical, mental/emotional growth and development.

Our Mission is to support our community members through mateship and respect. We will sacrifice and endure to protect the lives of our teammates.

We draw courage from the Warrior mindset and use these values and skills to develop the strength to survive in life.

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  • To provide Opportunities for people to come together and participate in outdoor activities.

  • Build relationships between the Veteran and Civilian communities.

  • Challenge people to push their perceived limits with the support of a strong network.

  • Set up regular walks in a safe environment to promote physical and mental health.

  • Encourage people to build their physical and mental strength to a point where they can join our endurance events.

  • Run a couple of Adventure activities a year in small groups.

  • Hold one major fundraising event a year (Endurance Challenge) to support other charities and challenge our members.

  • Support and promote our local Veteran groups through activities and support programs.

  • Encourage the freedom to speak open and honestly about mental health in a safe environment.

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