Registrations open in Nov 2023

Fund Raising  directly provides programs and opportunities  for our community to support each other.

What better way to honor the service men and women the commit to protect and supporting us than by registering to move for 6/12 or 24hrs.

On the 19th and 20th of April 2024 we will stand together on the line in unity and respect honoring our Combined Service men and women who may no longer be here to stand tall.

This event was created to demonstrate our respect as civilian's but it quickly transformed into much more. It now stand as a community event with Civilians, Veterans and First responders walking side by side exactly how things should be.


Dennis Park, Boyne Island, QLD 4680

Cost Physical Event

$75.00 if attending Boyne Island

Cost Virtual Event

$65.00 Virtual event

An address must be specified for a map to be embedded


Guidelines In person event.

* It is all participants responsibility for their own health and safety during the lead up to and during the event. This includes Nutrition and Hydration on the day.

* Participants to arrive at Dennis park minimum 30min prior to event start time in order to sign in and be present for event briefing.

* Age cut off's: minimum age 6hr event 8yrs with adult supervision.

12hr events is 13yrs at time of event and 16yrs for 24hr participants. If you wish to request an exemption please email walking4warriorsCQ@gmail.com

* Participants will need to ensure that they have the mandatory gear which will be communicated in the near future.

* Participants are to stay within the boundaries of the venue during the event and follow the set course as marked.

Guidelines Virtual event.

* It is the ultimate responsibility of all virtual participants to implement adequate planning to ensure a safe event for themselves.

* It is highly recommended that participants plan their course in a known location away from traffic influences where possible.

* If you haven't completed a significant endurance challenge previous consider starting with the 6hr or 12hr event unless you feel confident you can safely complete the 24hr event.

* Consider joining up with other people in your local area and complete your events together providing you with a support network for when it gets hard.

* Ensure you have an emergency contact set up for the event.

* Share you plan with the organizers so that they can support your with encouragement.

* The Virtual event needs to be completed between 01st April 2024 and the 31st April 2024

* Challenge must be completed in one continuous time period to be deemed as successfully completing the challenge.

* Record your challenge on Strava as part of the Walking 4 Warriors event so that organizers can verify your completion and your km's which will be added to the total distance moved


No , this is an individual event, and we want you to push your own physical and mental barriers. You can move as a unit or individual but the event wasn't created as a relay.

No , this is all about pushing your boundaries, Physically or mentally.

Our expectations are that you would be moving for a period every hour of your registered event. We created this event as a way of honoring the people that commit to never quitting to keep us safe and we hope you bring that mindset to your challenge. If during the event you feel unable to move regularly we would ask you to speak to our medical and organizing staff to discuss options.

Yes minimum ages are: 6hrs event 8yrs old with adult supervision, 12hr event 13yrs and 24hr event 16yrs.

If your child is dedicated to training consistently we will assess any requests on a case by case basis please email walking4warriorscq@gmail.com if required

For anyone the registers prior to the 19th of December we will attempt to have your event shirt to you prior to xmas. If you do not live locally to Gladstone postage may be required as part of your registration. For all registrations after the 19th December your event shirt will be available at pack pick up prior to event. (date to be confirmed).

Yes , however this is not mandatory. There are multiple ways to donate to our fundraising event including a facebook fundraiser, raffle, Merch sales and of course participation. If you would like to raise money independently then that is fine and we would just expect it to be added to our facebook fundraiser once collected. Any independent fundraising is the responsibility of the participants.

Yes  you can still participant even if you intended to attend and your situation changes we would be happy to support you doing a virtual option. The guidelines for the virtual option are above please read these and if you have any ?'s let us know.

Yes , We will have a central aid station for participants. We will provide a range of Nutrition and Hydration for our participants but we highly recommend that you also come prepared incase what we have doesn't agree with you on the day.

We are in the process of planning a range of hot and cold food options for purchase on the day and details for be communicated shortly. The bar will also operate for alcoholic drinks at certain times during the event. Stay tuned for these details.

There is a large carpark area at Dennis park which will accommodate all participants and supporter. Tannum Sands Seagulls have toilets and cold shower facilities available for participants and spectators.

Yes , we will have a range of Merchandise available prior to and during the event for purchase or order if specific sizing isn't available. 

The course is approx 2.5km long and predominantly grass with a section of dirt and bitumen thrown in for good measure. There is a certain amount of unevenness in sections so care is required while participating.