Walking 4 Warriors 2022

Firstly, thank you to our Vets, for your service and for your sacrifices which allow us to live this life.

After running this challenge alone virtually in 2021, it was easy to commit to doing again but this time with everyone else in Dennis Park Boyne Island knowing that all I had to do was start at 6am and suffer while paying my respect to our vets for 24hrs until 6am the following day.

No big running report here, just respect and some of my experiences during the event, so well organized and put on by Craig Watson and his amazing team.

The day started and we were let loose on the course, an approximate 2.5km loop around the perimeter of Dennis Park giving us grass, a few lumpy underfoot stony sections as well as a smooth footpath; through the support, crew, aid station area, and overall, a very pleasant route where we had plenty of time to say hi to all other participants.

My day went as I’d hoped, my mind set was focused and constantly reminded of why I was there, to struggle. Every lap we were reminded on a big screen at the turnaround with a perpetual image of our forces in action, this became a favorite part for me, always feeding my reason for being there. I shuffled through my day, tick tocking, hurting while trying not to complain too much. Evening came, then morning and then rain and we all trunched round over and over getting it done.

Thank you, Craig Watson, for our laps shared, all our words together, but mostly for this challenge and giving us all the opportunity to pay back a little. Thank you to all your amazing team that assisted and help set up this amazing event, a special mention to the wonderful nighttime angel keeping me going with hot tea and encouragement. Lastly my Mel, thank you for everything, the tough love and pushing me to go my hardest while keeping me safe.
See you next year...
Stephen Wright.

 To Watto, Justin, and everyone else involved in organising and running this years W4W endurance challenge, a huge thank you. And to all those who participated, in particular the runners, I am in awe of the grit, endurance, and determination shown throughout. And for myself, I was proud to achieve 12 hours, 60km, and 80,000 steps during my walking challenge. Sore knees today but ready to step up to 24 hours next year I reckon!Stephen Orr.

Last year I volunteered for W4W as I thought it wasn't my thing to run in loops for 12hrs. But seeing the atmosphere and the achievements I couldn't help but to sign up for this year. My goal was 70km in the 12hrs so was so stoked to easily complete 75.5km, while still being able to have a chat to people and didn't have to dig deep into the pain train until 3hrs to go. Running with friends make it so much more fun. Everyone did great. Well done to all. A small sacrifice compared to what veterans have done for us.
Tonya McCracken.

From the 7th Combat Signal Regiment and myself, I want to thank Craig and his team for another incredible event. The 12 soldiers that came along for the ride, absolutely loved the comradeship, continual support and pure challenge of the day. I hope to bring another crew again next year, and see all your amazing smiles cheering each other on once again. Thank you, I am grateful for everyone involved.

It was awesome to see everyone get into the “why” we were there, with endless conversations on course about our veterans, respects and our reasons we wished to suffer. So many inspirational people out there doing it tough, I could not start to list here, but was humbled by your struggle and motivated by the sheer determination I witnessed.